Yay you are here! We like you already :) Here are some frequently asked questions we would like answer!

Ashley is based in Utah, and Alexis is based in Southern California. We are unique in the fact that we offer you a wide range of locations between the two states. At the same time, keeping the same high quality and style of portraiture that we value. We make it easy to find a photographers with consistent style for clients who travel in these areas, and for those of you looking to refer a photographer in either Utah or California!

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Here comes the fun part! There is an option for you to request both of us to photograph your session/day. With a little travel coordination, you can have TWINS shooting at the same time with the same style! Plus we love it!

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Lets talk about your investment. It truly is an investment! We realize that paying for photos may seem like a luxury, and it can be a lot of work preparing for a session. But that luxury is WORTH IT! With our help you will have high-end tangible memories that reflect YOU. We take our work very seriously, we aren't here just to "take a picture". We are here to learn about you and provide you images that reflect who you are. Photography is our passion, and we value your trust to work together to create something magical!


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